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Excerpt From Chapter Five Of:  Getting Wild Sex From Your Conservative Woman.

chapter5 175 Looking And Feeling Sexy Is A Matter Of Self RespectWhen you began dating your mate, she probably struck you as being the epitome of perfection. When couples begin dating, after all, they go to great lengths to look fabulous for each other. Women pluck, wax, shave, bathe, exfoliate, and moisturize in anticipation of their dates. In the beginning, she may have spent hours perfecting her nails, make-up, and hair. The primping involved was intense and mandatory. The money and time spent to pick out the perfect outfit, not to mention the hot lingerie underneath, was measurable.

That outfit and sexy under garments probably ended up lying in a crumpled heap at the end of your bed the next morning. When you rolled over as the sun came up (or alarm started screaming at you) to find her curled up beside you, you probably marveled at the sight of your sleeping beauty.

Ten years later, you’ve found yourself waking up to a sleeping beast in flannel jammies.

She has grown a mustache, her morning breath is enough to burn your eyes, her legs are pricklier than a porcupine, she drools, snores, and now expects you to make coffee in the morning before she will open an eyelid. What the hell happened?

Now let’s be fair, this is not the bash women chapter. There is always another side of the story. It does, as you know, take two. Without you even realizing it, you have both become your parents. Which came first, you never sending her roses or opening doors for her, or her deciding shaving is a waste of time and make-up an unnecessary expense? Maybe you stopped going to the gym, wearing cologne and manscaping. Maybe you stopped noticing her. Sexual attraction breeds mind blowing sex, so it always strikes me as a bit odd when couples stop making an effort to look attractive for their mates. At this point it does not matter who did what to whom first. Get your act together and start treating yourself and each other the way you did in the beginning. Take the time, it is that important.

In marriage, men and women often slip into a comfort zone and, sadly, all that does is create an uncomfortable zone. They often end up loathing each other and feeling resentment, stop going on dates and ultimately stop having sex. And that is never good.

To me, having enough respect for your mate – and enough respect for yourself – to look good is common sense. Why would your mate respect you or find you sexy if you don’t respect yourself or find yourself attractive? It is imperative that everyday (ok almost everyday) you take the time to look good for yourself and your mate. Trust me she will follow suit and you will have never had to say anything negative. When she says “why are you so dressed up?” You simply reply, ” wanted to look good for you.”

It is true that we age and certain things that were up here are now down there. Our hair turns grey and falls out. Our eyelids become droopy. We have more wrinkles. But change is beautiful. However, a few pounds here and there and a few wrinkles here and there is a lot different from 80 pounds and three additional chins. When a woman weighs 130 pounds on her wedding and two years later weighs 170 pounds, I guarantee she’s not the same woman mentally. She’s most likely not going to be as fun nor as outgoing because she doesn’t feel good about her body. If you are the one with an additional 40lbs, I am sure you will agree that you are not the same man she met years ago.

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