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Excerpt From Chapter Four Of:  Getting Wild Sex From Your Conservative Woman.

chapter4 175 Communication Is KeyMost of us are not psychic so you need to learn how to communicate comfortably, effectively and aloud with your mate. It’s amazing how many people know nothing about the sexual side of their partner. My point? Your mate will never know your turn-ons unless you tell her.

Fantasies are destined to remain unfulfilled unless you’re able to find the courage to talk to her about the possibility of making them realities. Sex can be a sensitive, personal and sometimes embarrassing topic for women. That’s why you’ll need to handle it with care. Once you’ve learned how to communicate effectively with your partner, your sex life will probably improve ten fold. And, as a result, your relationship will probably improve twenty fold.

For some men, communicating about sex has been incredibly awkward since the indelible day their fathers took them on a fishing expedition to talk about the birds and bees. For some, the childhood awkwardness equated to “the talk” has set the stage for a life chock-full of awkward conversations. When discussing that topic, some men find themselves fumbling for words with the same gusto displayed by men fumbling for the football on Superbowl Sunday.

Since communicating can be such a lofty chore, men who want to talk about sex with their partners often get nervous in advance.

Those nerves often translate into mumbled sentences, stuttering and botched attempts at romance. Gentlemen, you need to relax. Remember there should be nothing embarrassing about discussing your sexual desires with your lover. The key to a smooth talk is to be you. Don’t change your tone of voice or stop telling jokes in between comments. Stay true to who you are and it will be a fun, lively and knowledge gaining opportunity.

A question that comes to my mind when I think about couples not talking to one another about sex is this: what else are they not talking about? The thought sends chills down my spine. Your chosen mate is just that. You choose them to be by your side, to know you and be known by you. So let’s put aside the idle chatter about shopping trips and honey-do-lists and start talking about things that truly matter. Topics that build relationships, trust and memories. Start simple and work towards that point where no topic is off limits.

Sexual gratification is one of the greatest gifts we’re given and I find it very sad that people get into relationships where they can’t even discuss what it takes to gratify and satisfy them. Even more discouraging and disgusting are the people who use sex to obtain things or have control over their mate. Some women are too embarrassed to tell their mates where they want to be touched. Her erogenous zones will forever remain a secret because she’s too embarrassed to tell it, or simply may not know. Some men, meanwhile, are too shy to tell their mates they want her to put on cowgirl costume and ride his pony ass around the house.

Whatever your sexual desires may be, communication is the key element to everything – especially to an incredible sex life.

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    Looking forward to this book coming out. Finally it looks like someone is challenging people to communicate honestly about sexuality.

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