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Excerpt From Chapter Three Of:  Getting Wild Sex From Your Conservative Woman.

chapter3 175 Is There A Wild Child In HerIf you, like most men, are looking for a freak in the sheets and a lady on the streets, it’s important to tap into her erotic side early on in the relationship. Ideally, this should start before you promise to love her until death do you part.

You don’t want to find out the night after the wedding you married your sexual opposite. It can be deflating, or worse, the beginning of a downward spiral. As I have said before, most women do have an inner wild child, but you have your work cut out for you if you knowingly married a sexually uninterested woman.
Since the days of branding libertines with scarlet letters are behind us, it isn’t always easy distinguishing wild cats from lethargic, house trained felines. However, there are signs to look for that could confirm or dis confirm your suspicions of her being a closet wild child. From the way she sips her cappuccino to the type of footwear she sports, the signs are there. You just have to look for them.

Wondering whether your mate has the potential to transform into your sexual wonder woman? To find out, look beyond the obvious. If there are handcuffs locked to her bedpost, I shouldn’t have to tell you what that means. If there is an animal print theme in her bedroom, there’s a good chance that she’ll be an animal in the sack, too. Now, think outside the box…literally.

Some of the best indicators of a woman’s sexual prowess can be found in her closet. Shoes, for example, can convey a very sensual story. The difference between someone who wears a one-and-a-half closed toe wedge versus one who wears four-inch red stilettos is similar to the difference between a sloth and a cheetah. I am not trying to indicate that women who wear flats are in any way inferior to their heel-totting counterpart, I am simply trying to tell you that the sexual impulses of the two different shoe types carry women with very different sexual personalities. The woman with the stilettos is typically confident, edgy, kinky, and not afraid to take risks. The one with a liking for basic flip-flops, meanwhile, might be less keen on sexual experimentation. Sometimes my husband and I go out to bars and will, just for fun, look at people’s feet and nothing else. (Until we get them home.)

While you’re in her closet, peruse through her wardrobe. Is it full of blacks and browns, or is there a kaleidoscope of colors inside? Is her closet chock-full of jeans and over sized sweaters, or is there a treasure chest stuffed with costumes? A woman who takes pride in her clothing and wears fitted, flattering garb is definitely more self-confident and sensual than the one who hides behind outfits five sizes too big. And it goes without saying that a woman with a nurse costume in her closet probably won’t shy away from giving her man a little injection of fun.

Also, look in her underwear drawer. If you find a heaping pile of granny panties, it might be safe to deduct she’s not the vixen you’re looking for. And if you find a strap-on dildo – and if that isn’t your thing – now is the time to run for your life.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t forget to glance over her bedside table. Maybe you’ll find it overflowing with sex toys and flavored condoms. Or maybe the only thing it contains will be a bible and telephone book.

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