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Excerpt From Chapter Two Of:  Getting Wild Sex From Your Conservative Woman.

chapter2 175 Figuring Out What Wild Sex Actually IsThis is a very interesting and important subject. After all, the topic can get sticky – figuratively and literally. “Wild sex” has more connotations then they sky has stars. For some, wild sex may be experiencing anything they have visualized in their fantasies. For some it is as mild as wearing lingerie or stilettos to bed; for others it is more extreme like playing with different fetishes or BDSM. For others still, wild sex means adding more people to the bedroom. The point being, wild sex is whatever you desire it to be.

In every healthy relationship, lovers experience clichéd, typical sexual experiences. The dry spell or stagnant sex. Usually that happens after many years of being together. We are going to get you back to when you couldn’t contain the wild, crazy, intense attraction you first had for your mate. Remember the time when you wanted to have sex with your lady every time you thought about her? Just the thought of seeing her that evening gave you wood. Yes you remember. We’re going to get you back to that point and keep you there.

There shouldn’t be an expiry date on an out-of-this-world sex life but, eventually, sparks tend to fade away. If you’ve been with your lover for many moons, it’s probably hard to remember a time when you tried anything other than the missionary position. Don’t fret, my pet. With my help you’ll have that wild child back in no time.

Remind your partner of those halcyon days when sex was something you actually looked forward to. Say: “Don’t you remember that?” and then get her thinking about what made it so grand. Think about why you lost it and, then, think about how you can go about getting it back. Your partner holds the answer.

Wild sex, in a nutshell, is sex without borders. It can involve games, food, friends, enemies, strangers, booze, toys, and household appliances. There are no limitations – and there should be no inhibitions when having and enjoying wild sex. Couples should strive for it because when they do, they’ve reached a new and higher level of trust for each other. People have inhibitions because they’re scared. They’re afraid of rejection, afraid of being made fun of, afraid of how others will view them.

If you reach a point in your relationship where you are having totally uninhibited, mind blowing, sex, it’s a terrific sign. It means you’ve not only built a trust and bond with your partner, but have personally become a more confident individual. Both of those things enrich life and make relationships more meaningful.

When the trust and confidence in yourself and your partner are stable, the opportunity to explore your true sexual self and the sexual essence of your partnership will flourish.

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