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Excerpt From Chapter One Of:  Getting Wild Sex From Your Conservative Woman.

chapter1 175 How Do I Introduce The Idea Of Wild SexI was not a virgin when I met my husband but after we had our baby, I began to feel like one. We stopped having regular sex and, when we did do it, it lacked enthusiasm. I repressed my sexual appetite post-baby and began acting like Grandma Jones. I was spending my time baking cookies. He found “stress relief” watching porn. Things were getting drier than the Sahara. If you, too, are married to a wife who is more likely to look up banana bread recipes online than how to use one in the bedroom, read on my sexually unsatisfied friend.

Your wife or mate is not the only one suffering from “don’t want sex syndrome.” I had the disease at one point and believe it or not you have the remedy. You posses the ability to free your woman from sexual repression.

Introducing the idea of wild sex to your mate can be an incredibly awkward and potentially unpleasant experience – if done incorrectly. If however, the correct steps are taken, it can be as pleasant and effortless as switching sexual positions. But gentlemen, read carefully, because if you address the issue wrong the first time you might not get a second chance to dance.

I’ve seen a huge success rate in couples that have gone from boring to bootylicious when a man has had the patience and courage to let his lady take the lead. I can understand why you might want to control the situation by way of leading, but this isn’t ballroom dancing.

Instead, gather information and facts about the thing you’re hoping to try, and present the idea to her in a non-threatening environment. Then she’s in control and, when she’s in control, she’ll feel powerful and less tempted to scoff at your “perverted” ideas.

Timing is really essential at this point. You will not get the desired results if you blurt out one night over meatloaf that you have always wanted her to put a saddle on your back, stick a horse-tail butt plug in your ass and holler “giddy up!” Patience. Consider your words. Time your approach.

Venue is important so opt for settings that are either fun and exciting or relaxing and sultry. Think hip Las Vegas style ultra club or sexy candlelight dinner and a bottle of wine. Another fabulous choice would be while basking in the afterglow of making love.

When you begin please remember this word, honesty. Women can handle just about anything you present to them if they feel secure. Insecure women will slam the door shut so tight before the x in the word sex comes out it will take a team of professional locksmith to pry it back open. If she is insecure, the chapters ahead will give you suggestions on how to help her feel the necessary security in herself and your relationship to be more receptive to your “sexually adventurous conversations”.

My adventure into “the lifestyle” was a choice. My husband and I first learned about swinging almost by accident and it appealed to us very quickly. For the majority, that isn’t how it works. Most couples get into swinging after having had long discussions, done countless hours of research, and after much consideration of what it might mean for their relationship. If the concept of swinging is completely foreign to you and your partner, it’s important to handle the topic with a lot of sensitivity, and to be respectful of your partner.

There are many ways to introduce sexual conversations without the worry of being to direct  …

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